Self-Portraits: Rosie

From time to time, I do self-portraits. First and foremost, it’s a great way to practice portraiture and lighting and angles, etc etc etc, but it’s also very hard to take a portrait of oneself and I like the challenge. Plus, it’s fun and I get to see myself in new ways other then the…

Rainy Nights

Recently, as my boyfriend drove us home during a typically rainy Portland evening, I suddenly became obsessed with the raindrops on the windshield as the lights from passing cars and streetlights hit them. This is what came from that.

Rainy Days

Today I am sick in bed so I’m sharing some shots with you I took last fall. Fall in Portland is pretty much like Spring in Portland: rainy. Only you get slightly different colors.

Shades of Wheat and Gold

All too often I get caught up in the bright colors of spring and forget how beautiful simple golden tones can be.

Green over the Highway

Just one photo this Friday! I just love how Portland has so much green right in the city. It’s the best of both worlds. I’d like to ask you a favor today. If you like my work, please hit one or two or even three of the share buttons below and tell your friends on…

So Many Flowers!

It’s true that flowers are just about my favorite things to photograph. How could they not be? They’re SO PRETTY! Duh. And they’re blooming like crazy right now.


Iggy is my boyfriend’s cat and he is as adorable as he is a feisty model. He never wants his picture taken and won’t ever sit still. But! I am not deterred so easily.

Make a Wish

There’s just something so magical about dandelions. I might be the teensiest bit obsessed with them.

Meet Hobbes

Anyone who knows me knows that my fat furbaby Hobbes is my number one photography subject. He lets me shoot him all I want without any complaints and he always so conveniently finds the light and makes my job so much easier. He really should be a plus size model.Here are some of my favorite…

Hiking Forrest Park

Forrest Park is part of why Portland is such a cool place. It’s this forrest right in the middle of the city. A quick drive and you’re hiking through the mossy woods and following trails. My boyfriend and I got lucky this past weekend; even though it was near 80 degrees out (rare for Portland…

Slightly Springy in Portland

Spring has poked its pretty head out and so you know what that means! I’m taking my camera out and capturing it all.