Snow is A-Foot!

Last week, while on vacation in California, it snowed a foot or so in Portland, Oregon, which caused quite the kerfuffle in trying to get home. Regardless! I did manage to take a few shots once I’d recovered from the travel. I had to.I mean, rules are rules. We had some very impressive icicles and,…

LACMA: Modern Art Love

Yesterday, you saw my favorite part of LACMA, the Urban Light installation, now see some of my favorite shots of architecture and art throughout the rest of the museum. Of course, this is only a small sampling. You should definitely go if you have a chance and see the Warhols, the Pollocks, the Lichtensteins, etc….

Urban Light

I’ve shot this place numerous times and my favorite thing about it is that there’s always a new way to see it, from the light due to the time of day or to the weather to the many angles or if there are crowds or not. I can always find a new way of finding a gorgeous shot.