The Reed Family 2018

What can I say about this lovely family? I photographed them last year and had the incredible honor to do so again! It’s always such an honor to be asked to work for the same people more than once, and especially so when it’s for awesome people. The Reeds are a lot of fun, totally…

The Pscheid Family

Holy hell it was such a pleasure to capture this beautiful little family! Little Felix is JUST the very cutest and had worked diligently on his “CHEESE!” smile, and I barely had to direct and of them. You’d think they were seasoned models! And, if you can’t tell by the tiniest of  baby bumps, they’ve…

Taylor & Spencer: Baby on the Way

Taylor and Spencer are expecting and I had the pleasure of photographing them a couple weeks ago! These two were total troopers and their patience  made for some gorgeous photos. I had a really difficult time picking favorites, because they were all so beautiful. Congrats, you two! Thank you for letting me capture this exciting…

The Elder Family

My goodness I’ve been endlessly behind in posting photos. Please forgive my tardiness; I want to blame the holidays entirely. Photographing this sweet family was a challenge as we just struggled to find a time and place in Portland fall and then winter in which it wasn’t pouring down rain. I’d never done a truly…

The Clough Family

I had a lot of fun with the Cloughs! They’re a hilarious trio, I mean foursome (including the cat) with a lot of laughter and a lot of love. Little Elwood is the spit of his parents, both in curls and in sass, and I couldn’t love that more. Thanks for letting me capture your…

The Reed Family

Photographing The Reeds was so incredibly easy. This family is super easy-going, fun, and, let’s admit, really good-looking. I suspect a couple of the kids may have practiced their poses (and it shows!), but I think little Briya wins when it comes to sheer cuteness. They have a lot of energy, but a ton of…

The Hartford Family

It was such an honor to photograph the Hartford family! The weather gave us quite the challenge, but eventually the clouds parted and we captured a few magical moments of this very sweet family.

Farrell Family: Baby on the Way

My gorgeous cousin and her family is basically my biggest client, but I don’t mind it one bit because her family is such a hoot to capture! The zany, quirky moments are really my favorite to nab, if I’m fast enough to get them. And, since they have a third family member on the way,…

Stacey and AD Farrell

Yes, more photos of my family! Since I didn’t get to do an engagement shoot with these two back before they wed, this was a good opportunity to do a few cutesy couples shots. // // //

The Farrell Family

I had the awesome opportunity this Thanksgiving to take photos of my cousin’s gorgeous family and, unlike I’ve done with any photos I’ve taken since May, I’ve actually uploaded them for you here! Please enjoy the lovely blondes and the curls and the Seattle skyline. // // // // // // // // //

Iggy following me

You’ve met Iggy by now I’m sure. Iggy loves to be outside and, sometimes, when I’m shooting, he’ll follow me around. But he hates having his picture taken, so I have to be sneaky when pointing the lens his way.   As a reminder, if you like my work and want to see more, you…

Little Miss Hattie Part 2

You may remember I posted some adorable shots of my cousin’s little girl Hattie a couple of Thanksgivings ago. Well, she’s now almost 3 years old and we had some fun walking around a park in Portland a couple of weekends ago. She’s just as wild as ever with the curls to match. What a…

Sweet Little Buttercup

This is my cousin’s adorable rescue dog Buttercup. She’ll love you within an inch of your life and I’m pretty sure this is the most still I’ve ever seen her. And isn’t she just gorgeous in that light?

Little Miss Hattie

This is my cousin’s adorable and utterly precocious little girl. She’s 16 months old with enough energy for 6 kids. In other words, the cutest.


In case we haven’t fawned over my boy enough lately.


Iggy is my boyfriend’s cat and he is as adorable as he is a feisty model. He never wants his picture taken and won’t ever sit still. But! I am not deterred so easily.

Meet Hobbes

Anyone who knows me knows that my fat furbaby Hobbes is my number one photography subject. He lets me shoot him all I want without any complaints and he always so conveniently finds the light and makes my job so much easier. He really should be a plus size model.Here are some of my favorite…

Lucas West

This is my adorable little nephew Lucas. I just miss that little squishy face!