The Elder Family

My goodness I’ve been endlessly behind in posting photos. Please forgive my tardiness; I want to blame the holidays entirely. Photographing this sweet family was a challenge as we just struggled to find a time and place in Portland fall and then winter in which it wasn’t pouring down rain. I’d never done a truly…

The Reed Family

Photographing The Reeds was so incredibly easy. This family is super easy-going, fun, and, let’s admit, really good-looking. I suspect a couple of the kids may have practiced their poses (and it shows!), but I think little Briya wins when it comes to sheer cuteness. They have a lot of energy, but a ton of…

The Hartford Family

It was such an honor to photograph the Hartford family! The weather gave us quite the challenge, but eventually the clouds parted and we captured a few magical moments of this very sweet family.

Farrell Family: Baby on the Way

My gorgeous cousin and her family is basically my biggest client, but I don’t mind it one bit because her family is such a hoot to capture! The zany, quirky moments are really my favorite to nab, if I’m fast enough to get them. And, since they have a third family member on the way,…

Little Miss Hattie Part 2

You may remember I posted some adorable shots of my cousin’s little girl Hattie a couple of Thanksgivings ago. Well, she’s now almost 3 years old and we had some fun walking around a park in Portland a couple of weekends ago. She’s just as wild as ever with the curls to match. What a…

Little Miss Hattie

This is my cousin’s adorable and utterly precocious little girl. She’s 16 months old with enough energy for 6 kids. In other words, the cutest.

Lucas West

This is my adorable little nephew Lucas. I just miss that little squishy face!