Fall is Here!

I can’t remember the last time I pulled out my camera just to shoot for fun. Actually, I can, because my last shoot was still on the memory card and it was from spring! I love fall. It’s my favorite season by far and I love capturing the colors, so yesterday, not only did I…

Snow is A-Foot!

Last week, while on vacation in California, it snowed a foot or so in Portland, Oregon, which caused quite the kerfuffle in trying to get home. Regardless! I did manage to take a few shots once I’d recovered from the travel. I had to.I mean, rules are rules. We had some very impressive icicles and,…

LACMA: Modern Art Love

Yesterday, you saw my favorite part of LACMA, the Urban Light installation, now see some of my favorite shots of architecture and art throughout the rest of the museum. Of course, this is only a small sampling. You should definitely go if you have a chance and see the Warhols, the Pollocks, the Lichtensteins, etc….

Urban Light

I’ve shot this place numerous times and my favorite thing about it is that there’s always a new way to see it, from the light due to the time of day or to the weather to the many angles or if there are crowds or not. I can always find a new way of finding a gorgeous shot.

Portland So White…

…Because of snow! Yuk Yuk! It’s also funny because they are lots of white people here. Careful or you’ll miss us blending into the snowy landscape. Just look for the red Starbucks cups. Okay! Okay, enough bad humor. It snowed yesterday for the second time in a week, which is rare for rainy Portland. And,…

The Neighbor’s House

Just one shot today – of my neighbor’s perfect house reflected in a puddle in my driveway. Everything is perfect  from the lawn to each tree and plant and flower, made all the more interesting because my neighbor is an aging biker who lives alone. It’s like Jax Teller got old and got really interested…

Raindrops on Portland

We had an unusually sunny winter and spring has marched in with some much-needed rain (despite how much we’ve all enjoyed the sunshine). These are all around my yard and house, taken with a few different lenses. Enjoy!   As a reminder, if you like my work and want to see more, you can find…

Japanese Maple

This gorgeous tree is in our front yard and has just begun to leaf and the shock of red I see when I get home every day is just lovely to see. I shot this series with two different lenses, a fixed macro lens and a digital zoom lens. I thought I’d prefer the results…

In My Backyard

Portland is confused and thinks it’s spring already and has been blooming like crazy! These shots are of a tree in my backyard. I went out there in the early evening and the light was just scrumptious. You can see the light changing through the shots and it was almost gone by the end. It…

Saturday Morning

It’s been unseasonably sunny quite a bit lately and makes waking up to the light in my house this morning too gorgeous to resist.

Wet Leaves

Wet leaves are as much a part of Portland Fall as the rain itself. It also means that, however pretty, one must walk carefully so as to avoid falling on one’s ass in the street.


This little guy has been camped outside my apartment all week. I can only assume he’s guarding my home from flies and mosquitos. And as long as he stays outside, I’m fine with this arrangement.

Little Buds

In contrast to the wilting flowers the other day, today I have buds for you. I think buds are especially gorgeous because they’re so simple.  There is no bravado or garishness of full blooms and you don’t know what they’ll turn out to be. You get to see all that freshness and newness and hope…

Wilting Blooms

I have a great boyfriend who brings me flowers. And I always photograph them. This time, I waited until some blooms were wilting. I have to say they made a gorgeous subject, as well as something to get my motivated to start shooting again.

Flowers from My Love

I have the kind of man who occasionally brings me flowers. Just because. Eat your heart out, Jane Austen.

Leaves of Grass

Is there anything more summer than grass? With the sun reflecting off the blades of bright green, you can almost taste summer. AmIright?

Rainy Nights

Recently, as my boyfriend drove us home during a typically rainy Portland evening, I suddenly became obsessed with the raindrops on the windshield as the lights from passing cars and streetlights hit them. This is what came from that.

Rainy Days

Today I am sick in bed so I’m sharing some shots with you I took last fall. Fall in Portland is pretty much like Spring in Portland: rainy. Only you get slightly different colors.